Felipe IS...

...Chef at Loreto Home

Chef Influences

          His passion for cooking and good eating has different influences.  At first, the Mexican Northwest Grill techniques and food learned from his mom, mothers family and region where he grew up (carne asada, and parrilladas with guacamole and quesadillas…); and the Central of Mexico Kitchen that has been passed through generations in his fathers family (chilaquiles, rajas con crema, lengua, sopa de tortilla, aguas frescas…).

          Then, he knew and learn the Cuina Catalana while he was studying in Barcelona, and working as the grill man, and sous chef for three years at the Masia Castell de Cabrera, a traditional restaurant in a little town 30 miles outside Barcelona. There, having the Chef Josep Llopis as his mentor, he learned the authentic traditional way to cook dishes as paella, fideua, trinxat, escalivada, esqueixada, butifarras a la brasa amb pa amb tomaquet, and also lamb, rabbit and seafood, in different ways from grill through oven cook and a la plancha style taking care in choose the best and fresh ingredients available.

          Also the Spanish and Mediterranean Cuisine comes while living and traveling in the area adopting forever the Greek salad and its kalamata olives, il acetto di modena and the tuscan herbs, the onion soup and camembert cheese,  the Moorish spicy eggplant, the spaguetti a la putanesca, la tortilla de patatas, sangría and the jamón ibérico…  

          Now, while living in Loreto Baja, he combine techniques and add to its menu the chocolata clams a la marinera, the local seafood fettuccini, the esqueixada of catarina scallops, the shrimp and hacha scallops kabobs, and, of course, the fresh fish as dorado and jurel.